Motion Arts

In 2001 the subsidiary Motion Arts Ltd won a competition at Metropoliten EAD – Sofia for the internal design of the metrocarriages via advert panels. This commenced the development of an advert network of Motion Arts Ltd in Sofia metro as the trademark is “Metroreklama”.

As of now the company has developed and services six communication channels on the territory of Metropoliten EAD Sofia

  • metropanels in carriages
  • large metroboxes on the staircase
  • metrotickets advert
  • metroboards
  • cash area metroboxes
  • non-standard actions

As of now Motion Arts operates:

  • Subway entrances – advertising facilities: billboards type “Piza”
  • Metro stations subways – advertising facilities: illuminated metroboxes
  • Cash areas – advertising facilities: illuminated metroboxes, metroboards, tickets
  • Staircases and escalators to the station platforms – advertising facilities: illuminated metroboxes
  • Station platforms – advertising facilities: metroboards, shtenders
  • Motor carriages– advertising facilities: metropanels, metroschemes

Samplings and nonstandard projects can be realized in all areas.

The experience shows that to achieve good results of the advertising campaigns it is good to use several mutually contributing communication channels. Therefore the company invests significant resources in the creation and development of its services. The final goal is to achieve complex servicing meeting all standards and customers requirements.

In the area of the billboard advert “Metroreklama” has developed own network of billboards located in the metrostations and servicing facilities type “Piza” in Sofia and in the country.

“Metroreklama” offers advert areas on the building of the National Palace of Culture at the sizes of 7.2 m - 25 m., externally illuminated